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All services start with an unpretentious, genuine conversation about you and your space.
No aggressive sales tactics. No obligations. 


Level Projects works with clients and designers in the calgary, bragg creek, canmore and surrounding areas. We do all things construction and contracting for all budgets and lifestyles. From small bathrooms to main floors, kitchens to additions, custom design homes to commercial alterations - our approach is consistent and simple:

-  collaboration  -  accountability  -  execution  -



Your project will be carefully handled by owner tim mccormick and his team of trusted employees and partners. Working in some of the most stunning homes in the area, tim has gained a wealth of knowledge of what a little creativity can do. He has been fortunate to learn from some of the industry's best throughout his career and is still not afraid to ask for guidance if the answer isn't apparent.

Born and raised in the calgary area, our in-house team has personally managed     over $140 million in renovations, custom homes and commercial alterations. We have 

decades of experience designing and creating thoughtful, livable spaces.


Unlike larger companies, the key stakeholders at level will be meeting with you daily, sweeping up at the end of the day and enjoying a chat as we transform your space. We only take on a few projects at a time to ensure we are able to provide you with this hands-on experience. We all come licensed and insured.

- Collaboration. We work with all our clients and designers to create a wonderful space while ensuring there is value for every dollar spent. Candor counts - we will give you great ideas and share our honest experience. We will not increase your scope or budget with nonsense.

Accountability. At level, we do what we say we will do. this is expected from every team member that touches your project. We will always have solutions to issues that arise using common sense, logic and sound expertise. Absolutely no buried costs or reckless decisions.

Execution. You've heard the horror stories - so have we. Your products are ordered and schedules set so when it comes time to work in your space the focus is on a reliable, quality execution.


- kitchen restoration

- bathroom reno

- full house remodels

- energy upgrades

- product selection

- interior design

- permitting

- engineering

- exteriors and landscape

- carpentry and cabinets

- flooring

- material repurposing

- custom new build / infills

- development permit

- commercial alterations

- acreage buildings 



a small face lift or a grand vision - I look forward to creating something wonderful with you!

tim mccormick

Thanks for the note. we look forward to working with you!